What is the minimum age to participate in the tour?

Be over 3 years old and know how to swim

Do minors have to be accompanied by an adult?

At all times

How long does the tour last?

We have two
routes, the 70 and the 90 minute ones.

What languages ​​are tour guides available in?

Spanish and English

Are there bathrooms available along the tour?

No, once the tour of the underground river begins there are no bathrooms.

Do you provide equipment rental for activities?

All the equipment necessary for the tour is already included in the rate. Helmet, life jacket, water shoes and water flashlight

Can I book a private tour?

Yeah. Request it through our contact WhatsApp and we will provide you with all the information and requirements. We are here to design an unforgettable custom experience for you.

Are pets allowed in the tour area?

Pets are not allowed in the entire park, unless they are certified support dogs.

What is the maximum group size for each tour?

13 people.

Can I use my camera during the tour?

It is not allowed to enter with any item other than security.

Are there lockers available?


Can people with mobility problems participate in the tour?

As long as they are suitable for small swims and walking with stability and do not represent a risk to themselves.

Are there height or weight restrictions for participants?

Yeah. 125 kg maximum weight.

Will snacks or meals be provided during the tour?

We have two options available once the tour is finished.

Are there health restrictions to join the tour?

People with pacemakers or severe heart conditions cannot take the tour.

Is prior experience or training required for certain activities?

Just be in reasonable physical shape for a walk of up to 90 minutes, in addition to doing so while maintaining balance since clinging to stalactites during the tour is not allowed.

What security measures have been implemented for participants?

The safety equipment provided, buoys demarcating the route through the water and the care of our expert guides.

Can pregnant women participate in the tours/programs?

Yes, but at your own risk up to 6 months.

If I don't know how to swim, can I take the tour?

Yes, but at your own risk.

What is the temperature of the water?

The water temperature of the underground river is constant at 19 degrees Celsius all year round.

What does the tour consist of?

We travel the course of the underground river through caverns full of history. Most of the route is done walking and small swimming sections with maximum depths of 2 meters.

Should I bring money for additional expenses?

Yes, we have a store with Xieltun clothing and accessories and additional drinks available.

Do I need to wear sun protection?

Due to environmental regulations we do not allow entry to the river with sunscreen or other substances.

How do I know which services are included and which are not included in my tour?

We only offer two tours, and each tour has the same three variants. You can find everything in the experiences section.

Can I get to the park on my own?

Yeah. We also have parking for vans and private cars.