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Quantum Light Experience

Quantum Light Experience

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Food & Beverages
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Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

We warmly welcome you to the Quantum Light experience. Explore a day full of connection with nature and fascinating discoveries in a pristine preserved environment.


Reception drink. (non-alcoholic)

Purification with ancient Copal.

Tasting of Xocolatl, Traditional Mayan Drink (Cacao)

Underground River and Caverns Tour.

Embark on the Quantum Light experience and allow the unique energy of Xieltun to guide you through a journey that combines spirituality, adventure and natural beauty in every corner of the park. We look forward to providing you with unforgettable memories in this exceptional setting.


Underground River and Caverns Tour

Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Sacred Cenote, beginning a journey wrapped in mystery and serenity. Visit the fossil gallery, discovering the paleontological wealth of the area and exploring amazing remains that tell the story of time. Witness the Dome of Light, an incomparable realm where the harmonization of nature's forces with a quantum encounter yields an extraordinary visual marvel. Conclude this journey emerging through Cenote Jaguar, experiencing the symbiosis between aquatic life and lush surrounding jungle.

Tour Duration: 70 minutes.

Safety Equipment (Included)




Aquatic Shoes

Eclectic Gastronomy Menu

Serrano ham baguettes, brie cheese, greens, tomato and onion.
Vegetarian Option: Brie cheese, avocado, greens, tomato and onion.

Fruit juice

Gourmet Mexican Experience Menu

Gourmet cochinita pibil (pork) and poc chuck (grilled beef) tacos with guacamole and tortilla chips
Vegetarian option: Gourmet mushroom, bell pepper and shallot tacos.

Fruit juice